About Briscoe Hall

We’re blessed to be Texans. And blessed to be Americans. And, if that were not enough, we have the great privilege to live and work in the Texas Hill Country. Its beauty, friendliness and entrepreneurial spirit are like corn to a whitetail deer. We couldn’t stay away if a Ranger Captain held a Walker’s Colt to our heads. We live here on purpose.

But, we didn’t learn our crafts here. Instead, we did the tough duty with some of North America’s largest marketing firms. They aren’t fun places to work, but they are wonderful places to acquire the skills this business requires. Our track records include work at places like The Richards Group, Bozell & Jacobs,  and Bloom-Publicis. Our client experience ranges from Lone Star Dog Food to Bell Helicopter and Texas Instruments. But, to those skills we have added discrete, specific knowledge about Texas consumer behaviors and media use.

As you can probably tell, we are unabashedly proud
Texans.  Why don’t you join us?